Piëch Automotive



Piëch Automotive es un fabricante de coches eléctricos con sede en Zürich, Suiza, empresa fundada en agosto de 2017 por Rea Stark Rajcic y Anton “Toni” Piëch.​

Piëch is a Swiss sports car company, combining its European heritage & experience with innovative technology, to deliver a car for those who want to be in the moment.

In a world of multitasking and distraction, Piëch’s goal is to re-discover the connection between driver and car through free and purposeful design thinking. Apps are for phones. We want to drive.

The Piëch GT is the first manifestation of our ethos. Focusing on timeless beauty we started with the form, which may annoy the traditionalists, allowing the shape to be exactly as we wanted it. Working with clay we were able to surface feelings of the great GT sports car era, but then rigorously evolve further for the 21st century and beyond.

Confident and beautiful, the Piëch GT is an unmistakable, pure GT sports car. Evoking the same feelings in drivers now, as when they hand it over to their grandchildren.

The Best of the New to Evoke
the Best of the Old

Our use of technology focuses on improving the pure driving experience, not adding clutter and distraction to it. The completely new battery technology offers not only a rapid charging time, thanks to efficient recuperation, it has a longer driving range as well. You’re on the road faster, and can stay on it longer.

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